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The Parable of the Twins

The Parable of the Twins

I got here throughout this parable on the time my daughter was about to present delivery to her first son and was enchanted by it. I had studied “The Republic” by Plato at Armidale Academics’ Faculty, and had learnt a few comparable metaphor, that of The Cave, included in The Republic. Plato describes slaves imprisoned in a cave who’re unaware of the actual world outdoors their jail.  “The Parable of the Twins” expresses an identical thought of dislocation and ignorance linked to being expelled from the womb on the time of delivery.  My daughter has develop into avidly within the Cave Metaphor, though she has by no means learn “The Republic” by Plato, nor was ever keen to listen to me discuss such issues.


It goes one thing like this …

As soon as upon a time, twin boys had been conceived within the womb. Seconds, minutes, hours handed as the 2 embryonic lives developed. The spark of life grew and every tiny mind started to take form and type. With the event of their mind got here feeling, and with feeling, notion—a notion of environment, of one another, and their very own lives. They found that life was good they usually laughed and rejoiced of their hearts.

One mentioned to the opposite, “We’re so fortunate to have been conceived and to have this glorious world.”

The opposite chimed in, “Sure, blessed be our mom who gave us life and one another.”

Every of the twins continued to develop and shortly their arms and fingers, legs and toes started to take form. They stretched their our bodies and churned and turned of their little world. They explored it and located the life wire which gave them life from their mom’s blood. They had been grateful for this new discovery and sang, “How nice is the love of our mom – that she shares all she has with us!”

Weeks handed into months and with the appearance of every new month, they observed a change in one another and in themselves.

“We’re altering,” one mentioned. “What can it imply?”

“It means”, mentioned the opposite, “that we’re drawing close to to delivery.”

An unsettling chill crept over the 2. They had been afraid of delivery, for they knew that it meant leaving their fantastic world behind.

Mentioned the one, “Had been it as much as me, I’d dwell right here perpetually.”

“However we should be born,” mentioned the opposite. “It has occurred to all of the others”. Certainly, there was proof contained in the womb that the mom had carried life earlier than theirs. “And I imagine that there’s life after delivery, don’t you?”

“How can there be life after delivery?” cried the one. “Will we not shed our life wire and in addition the blood tissue once we are born? And have you ever ever talked to anybody that has been born? Has anybody ever re-entered the womb after delivery to explain what delivery is like? NO!” As he spoke, he fell into despair, and in his despair he moaned, “If the aim of conception and our development contained in the womb is to finish in delivery, then actually our life is not sensible.” He clutched his treasured life wire to his breast and mentioned, “And if that is so, and life is absurd, then there actually will be no moms!”

“However there’s a mom,” protested the opposite. “Who else gave us nourishment? Who else created this world for us?”

“We get our nourishment from this wire —and our world has all the time been right here,” mentioned the one. “And if there’s a mom —the place is she? Have you ever ever seen her? Does she ever speak to you? No! We invented the mom once we had been younger, as a result of it happy a necessity in us. It made us really feel safe and blissful.”

Thus, whereas the one raved and despaired, the opposite resigned himself to delivery and positioned his belief within the palms of his mom. Hours changed into days, and days into weeks. And shortly it was time. They each knew their delivery was at hand, they usually each feared what they didn’t know.

Because the one was first to be conceived, so he was the primary to be born, the opposite following.

They cried as they had been born into the sunshine. They coughed out fluid and gasped the dry air. And once they had been positive that they had been born, they opened their eyes — seeing life after delivery for the very first time. What they noticed was the gorgeous eyes of their mom, as they had been cradled lovingly in her arms. They had been dwelling.

Writer Unknown

After which, extra lately, I discovered this poem by Rumi, which can also be paying homage to “Plato’s Cave” in The Republic.

Rumi’s Poem: An allegory

What if somebody mentioned to an embryo within the womb,
“Exterior of your world of black nothing
is a miraculously ordered universe;
an unlimited Earth coated with tasty meals;
mountains, oceans and plains,
aromatic orchards and fields stuffed with crops;
a luminous sky past your attain,
with a solar, moonbeams, and uncountable stars;
and there are winds from south, north and west,
and gardens replete with candy flowers
like a banquet at a marriage feast.

The wonders of this world are past description.
What are you doing dwelling in a darkish jail,
Consuming blood via that slender tube?”
However the womb-world is all an embryo is aware of
And it might not be notably impressed
By such superb tales, saying dismissively:
“You’re loopy. That’s all a deluded fantasy.”

Someday you’ll look again and snicker at your self.
You’ll say, “I can’t imagine I used to be so asleep!
How did I ever neglect the reality?
How ridiculous to imagine that unhappiness and illness
Are something apart from dangerous desires.”

Republished with permission from ‘Rumi Knowledge – Day by day Teachings from the Nice Sufi Grasp’

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