Here you will find a list of publishers who may be interested in your work, from small presses to major publishing houses.

  • Golden Gryphon Press was established "in 1997 by Jim Turner, the long-time editor of Arkham House, with the mission to publish handsome, quality books of short story collections by today's master writers and tomorrow's rising stars." This publisher is currently headed by Geri and Gary Turner, with a strong focus on science fiction, but also dark fantasy and works that fall in-between genres.

  • EDGE / Tesseract are imprints of Hades Publications, Inc. Their speciality is in trade paperback and hardcover novel-length (75,000 - 100,000 words) science fiction and fantasy literature.

    They remark that "if you are looking for a publisher whose specialty is great book-length science fiction and fantasy literature, produced by people who care about books, readers, booksellers and authors, then you have come to the right place!"

  • Night Shade Books is an independent publisher of quality science fiction, fantasy and horror. It was founded in 1997 by Jason Williams and is based in San Francisco. Night Shade Books look to publish "Writing that inspires a sense of awe and wonder. Writing that explores the fantastic. Writing that at once challenges and redefines a reader’s expectations. These are the guiding editorial principles at Night Shade Books."  

  • Tachyon Publications

    Tachyon Publications' motto is "saving the world... one good book at a time". The company is headed by Jacob Weisman, was founded in 1995 and specializes in genre fiction. It is based in San Francisco and as an independent publisher, is known for the quality of its productions and a focus on short story collections and anthologies. Details for making enquiries regarding the submission of your work can be found on the Tachyon Publications Contacts page. See also the Tachyon Publications Wikipedia page for more on this publishing house and its authors.

  • PS Publishing

    PS Publishing is an award winning independent UK publisher of genre fiction, headed by Peter Crowther, and founded in 1997. TheAbout PS Publishing page contains "assorted information on the history, philosophy and general operation of [this] independent publishing house." Details of how to make enquires for prospective submission of your work can be found on the PS Publishing Contacts Page. See also the PS Publishing Wikipedia page for a catalogue of works published by this house.

    United Kingdom
  • Solaris

    Solaris was founded in 2007, and its goal is to  publish a mix of new and traditional science fiction, fantasy and horror, by new and familiar authors alike, and to fill the gap between the large-scale mass-market publishers who only backed prolific writers with huge readerships and the small genre press whose limited scope and distribution kept them in relative obscurity. As of August 2010,Solaris has published seventy-three titles by twenty-nine authors. Currently, Solaris is closed to unsolicited manuscript submissions. Email contact is made by online form.

    United Kingdom
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