The best Podcast Providers on the web!

Here you will find a growing list of links to providers of quality writing podcast providers from around the web.

  • The Poetry Foundation

    The Poetry Foundation is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience.The site is a treasure trove of poetry and discussion with several great podcasts such as Poem of the Day, the Poetry Project and much more. 

  • Poetcast

    The Poetcast is the official podcast of the Academy of American Poets. A bit of a motherlode for high quality poetry discussions and readings from across the water.

  • Classic Poetry Aloud

    Classic Poetry Aloud gives voice to the poetry of the past with regular podcasts of classic poems read aloud to be enjoyed as they were originally designed to be. It's English literature for living - a few minutes of the day for quiet and reflection with the great voices of past.

  • 100 Word Stories

    Semi-regular podcasts of 100 word stories and flash fiction.

  • Short Story Radio

    Short Story Radio was founded by Ian Skillicorn in 2006. The aim of the website is to promote the short story genre and short story writers, and to broadcast quality recordings of short stories via the website and podcast.

  • Librivox Short Stories

    A growing collection of short stories for easy selection. Viewing this podcast in iTunes will allow you to click on the Name heading so that the entire list of stories will become alphabetized by author’s name. Possibilities abound! A great way to select from stories you’d never thought of before.

  • Podictionary

    The surprising histories of words you thought you knew. 

  • Drake's Door

    Hundreds of MP3 recordings of poems, fiction, short, stories, newspaper articles and other works, sampling 130+ authors from 600 B.C.E up to the current day —all read by Alan Davis Drake.

  • The Moth

    Eclectic mix of live storytelling from New York.

  • RTÉ - Arts Tonight

    A series of one-hour specials, in-depth one-on-one interviews and panel discussions on the Arts.

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