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Phrase: Macro to seek out and spotlight nominalisations

That is variation of my weblog submit on discovering and highlighting a set of obscure phrases.

Within the technical stories I edit, the authors often create nouns from verbs (aka nominalisation / nominalization), comparable to the evaluation of, the administration of, the outline of, the upkeep of, the availability of and many others. A tell-tale signal is the ‘the’ in entrance of the phrase and ‘of’ on the finish of it. In lots of instances (although not all), these nominalisations might be changed with the related verb (e.g. assess / assessing, handle / managing, describe / describing, preserve / sustaining, present / offering).

I wished to determine and spotlight the primary nominalisations (sometimes they finish in -tion, -sion, -ment, -ent, -ant, -ity, -ancy, -ency and are often adopted by ‘of’) utilizing a Microsoft Phrase macro. After which I wished so as to add the primary ones I come throughout in my work to my PerfectIt model sheet I exploit for these shoppers (I added these underneath Phrases to Keep away from / Think about. with a remark saying ‘Potential nominalisation’). PerfectIt can determine prefixes, however doesn’t have a separate part for figuring out suffixes comparable to these.

I tailored a macro I’d already used to determine and spotlight obscure phrases, which is one I tailored from Macropod (Paul Edstein). Full due to Macropod for this one. Beneath the macro is a listing of the phrases I discovered in simply two consumer paperwork—I’ll add these to PerfectIt for it to examine for them in future (Observe: Not all of the phrases listed are nominalisations, however most are; the others use ‘of’ or related and might possible be written extra succinctly. Additionally word that this macro will lead to some ‘false positives’ comparable to ‘Division of xxx’, which you’ll be able to ignore).


  • Copy all of the code beneath to the clipboard—some might go off the web page, so don’t sort it out as you’ll miss a few of it or might make a typo—then paste it into your VBA window.
  • When you want to add your individual suffixes to the listing, ensure you begin instantly after the comma separator within the StrFind line then add an area after ‘of’ earlier than the subsequent comma separator.
Sub Nominalisations()

' Supply: Paul Edstein (Macropod), 8 Aug 2015: https://solutions.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/discussion board/all/how-to-search-and-replace-multiple-wordsletters-in/af4753a0-7afd-433b-910d-a148da66f2bf
' Unique macro identify: MultiReplace
' Tailored by Rhonda Bracey, Cybertext Consulting, 1 Sept 2023
' You might duplicate this macro with a unique identify (e.g. LegalWords [for must, shall, etc.]) utilizing a unique listing of phrases within the StrFind and StrRepl lists

Dim StrFind As String
Dim StrRepl As String
Dim i As Lengthy

' In StrFind and StrRepl, add phrases between the quote marks, separate with a comma, NO areas
' To solely spotlight the discovered phrases (i.e. not change with different phrases), both use StrRepl = StrFind OR use the SAME phrases in the identical order within the StrRepl listing as for the StrFind listing; remark/uncomment to mirror the one you are utilizing
' To exchange a phrase with one other and spotlight it, put the brand new phrase within the StrRepl listing within the SAME place because the phrase within the StrFind listing you wish to change; remark/uncomment to mirror the one you are utilizing

StrFind = "tion of ,ment of ,ent of ,ant of ,ancy of ,sion of ,ity of "
StrRepl = StrFind
Set RngTxt = Choice.Vary

' Set spotlight coloration - choices are listed right here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/workplace/vba/api/phrase.wdcolorindex
' important ones are wdYellow, wdTurquoise, wdBrightGreen, wdPink
Choices.DefaultHighlightColorIndex = wdTurquoise

Choice.HomeKey wdStory

' Clear present formatting and settings in Discover and Change fields

With ActiveDocument.Content material.Discover
  .Format = True
  .MatchWholeWord = True
  .MatchAllWordForms = False
  .MatchWildcards = False
  .Wrap = wdFindContinue
  .Ahead = True
  For i = 0 To UBound(Cut up(StrFind, ","))
    .Textual content = Cut up(StrFind, ",")(i)
    .Alternative.Spotlight = True
    .Alternative.Textual content = Cut up(StrRepl, ",")(i)
    .Execute Change:=wdReplaceAll
  Subsequent i
Finish With
Finish Sub


Once I ran this macro on only one 250p doc, it discovered virtually 100 completely different potential nominalisations—and plenty of of those had been used typically. Right here’s the listing I compiled from checking the highlighted phrases in that doc, in case you wish to add them to your individual PerfectIt model sheet:

  • abandonment of
  • capability of
  • absorption of
  • acceptability of
  • acceptance of
  • lodging of
  • accumulation of
  • acknowledgement of
  • acknowledgment of
  • acquisition of
  • motion of
  • activation of
  • exercise of
  • actuation of
  • addition of
  • adoption of
  • mixture of
  • aggregation of
  • alignment of
  • allocation of
  • alteration of
  • amenity of
  • applicability of
  • software of
  • appreciation of
  • evaluation of
  • help of
  • affiliation of
  • attraction of
  • availability of
  • bioaccumulation of
  • biodegradation of
  • biodiversity of
  • biomagnification of
  • calculation of
  • calibration of
  • functionality of
  • capability of
  • cementation of
  • certification of
  • cessation of
  • characterisation of
  • assortment of
  • mixture of
  • combustion of
  • graduation of
  • fee of
  • commissioning of
  • dedication of
  • communication of
  • comparability of
  • compilation of
  • completion of
  • complexity of
  • compliance of
  • part of
  • composition of
  • focus of
  • conclusion of
  • situation of
  • affirmation of
  • connection of
  • conservation of
  • consideration of
  • building of
  • session of
  • session with
  • consumption of
  • containment of
  • contamination of
  • coordination of
  • corrosion of
  • creation of
  • criticality of
  • demise of
  • declaration of
  • decommissioning of
  • decomposition of
  • definition of
  • degradation of
  • delegation of
  • demobilisation of
  • demonstration of
  • density of
  • depletion of
  • deployment of
  • deposition of
  • derivation of
  • desalination of
  • description of
  • detection of
  • deterioration of
  • dedication of
  • growth of
  • dilution of
  • course of
  • disconnection of
  • discretion of
  • disorientation of
  • dispersal of
  • dispersion of
  • displacement of
  • disposition of
  • disruption of
  • dissemination of
  • distribution of
  • range of
  • duplication of
  • period of
  • ecotoxicity of
  • employment of
  • enforcement of
  • enjoyment of
  • entanglement of
  • entrainment of
  • tools of
  • eradication of
  • erosion of
  • eruption of
  • escalation of
  • institution of
  • estimation of
  • analysis of
  • evaporation of
  • excavation of
  • exception of
  • exclusion of
  • execution of
  • explosion of
  • export of
  • facilitation of
  • fatality of
  • formation of
  • formulation of
  • fragmentation of
  • fulfilment of
  • perform of
  • performance of
  • technology of
  • granularity of
  • identification of
  • impairment of
  • implementation of
  • import of
  • significance of
  • enchancment of
  • inclusion of
  • unbiased of
  • indication of
  • inflation of
  • data of
  • ingestion of
  • initiation of
  • injection of
  • inspection of
  • set up of
  • integration of
  • integrity of
  • depth of
  • intent of
  • intention of
  • interpretation of
  • intersection of
  • introduction of
  • investigation of
  • involvement of
  • irritation of
  • isolation of
  • judgement of
  • judgment of
  • jurisdiction of
  • laws of
  • legal responsibility of
  • location of
  • lodgement of
  • lodgment of
  • upkeep of
  • majority of
  • administration of
  • measurement of
  • misorientation of
  • mitigation of
  • mobilisation of
  • mortality of
  • motion of
  • multiplication of
  • navigation of
  • notification of
  • occupancy of
  • occupation of
  • incidence of
  • oiling of
  • operation of
  • organisation of
  • orientation of
  • paucity of
  • fee of
  • placement of
  • air pollution of
  • place of
  • chance of
  • predation of
  • predication of
  • preparation of
  • prevention of
  • chance of
  • manufacturing of
  • productiveness of
  • promotion of
  • promulgation of
  • propagation of
  • proportion of
  • safety of
  • provision of
  • proximity of
  • high quality of
  • quantification of
  • amount of
  • ration of
  • response of
  • re-certification of
  • recertification of
  • discount of
  • re-establishment of
  • refurbishment of
  • regulation of
  • rehabilitation of
  • reinjection of
  • re-injection of
  • rejection of
  • alternative of
  • replica of
  • requirement of
  • decision of
  • restriction of
  • retention of
  • revision of
  • salinity of
  • satisfaction of
  • sedimentation of
  • choice of
  • sensitivity of
  • settlement of
  • severity of
  • simplicity of
  • stabilisation of
  • stability of
  • assertion of
  • submission of
  • subtraction of
  • supervision of
  • susceptibility of
  • suspension of
  • sustainability of
  • termination of
  • testing of
  • toxicity of
  • transportation of
  • remedy of
  • turbidity of
  • unavailability of
  • utilization of
  • utilisation of
  • validation of
  • validity of
  • verification of
  • neighborhood of
  • volatility of

For one more means to do that, however as an alternative altering the color of a particular set of phrases (not highlighting them), see https://wordribbon.suggestions.web/T013773_Changing_the_Color_of_a_List_of_Words.html

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