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Keep away from Foolish Verbs Morphed from Helpful Nouns

Do not make the enterprise writing error of taking a helpful noun, reminiscent of mainstream, or motion, and morphing it right into a business-speak verb like mainstreamification, or actionize.

Phrases are alive, and do evolve into new use, however watch out of this. The noun, incentive, is now generally utilized in verb kind as incentivize. Most dictionaries settle for this as a respectable phrase. (I need to admit, it isn’t my favourite phrase alternative!)

These odd noun-to-verb morphed phrases usually crop up when enterprise models search to coin a brand new course of, however these phrases are incorrect, sound odd to the ear, and ring of insincerity.

Keep in mind, in enterprise writing, “write to precise, to not impress.” The rhetoric of enterprise writing is data switch. You need your reader to know or do one thing, most frequently to advance a selected enterprise goal. Language readability brings higher reader understanding.

To assist your viewers perceive and act as you want, keep away from any business-speak “verbifications” that devolve from actual, useful phrases.

Are there another phrases like incentivize, mainstreamification, or actionize you hear, which trouble you?


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