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How To Use Creatures To Create Characters

On this publish, we discover use your creativeness and use creatures to create characters.

How To Use Creatures To Create Characters

One in every of my favorite characters in movie, that can be a creature, is Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy. He’s sassy, a chip on his shoulder, humorous, profoundly broken bodily, and with a again story that can break your coronary heart. And whereas he’s brief and non-human, he’s statuesque in human traits.

He’s not the one creature in movie or literature that’s as impactful as his human counterparts. Typically they’re extra so. However we’re not right here to speak about creatures as characters, reasonably, how creatures is usually a basis from which to construct your characters when storytelling. It’s vital to keep in mind that each animal is a person and could have their very own personalities. Similar to people.

Let’s say you needed to write down a narrative a few girl who, in line with the townsfolk, is a loner. She’s a type of ladies you don’t mess with. A brief mood, and a propensity for lashing out. There’s a hearsay that she has killed somebody, and the city desires revenge. The sheriff desires proof and justice, however with out anybody else dropping their life.

Utilizing an animal that’s perceived to be a loner with a brief mood might help you develop a wealthy and attention-grabbing character – for instance, bears. So long as you do your analysis and don’t depend on the Hollywood trope about them which is predictable to the purpose of utter boredom.

7 Issues You May Not Know About Bears And How They May Inform Your Character Constructing

  1. They’re extremely advanced social animals, a eager sense of group. They type hierarchies and have structured kinship relationships. How may your antagonist uncover this about your feminine lead in your e-book and how much kinship relationship does she have? Is she the matriarch or not?
  2. They share friendships, assets, and safety – typically with animals of different species. Is that this one thing you might use in your e-book past her having a canine or a cat?
  3. They’re as clever as the nice apes and have been seen utilizing ‘instruments’ to resolve issues and attain duties. What expertise does your character have that nobody else within the e-book suspects? Bears are very mild and tolerant animals. How will you present your heroine’s actual character versus the one the remainder of city folks assume she has? What’s going to she tolerate and why? What gained’t she tolerate and why?
  4. Hollywood likes to painting mom bears as some of the harmful animals on earth. You wouldn’t wish to get between her and her cubs, that’s for certain. However that describes most creatures, together with people. The truth is, as moms, bears are affectionate, altruistic, attentive with their younger, devoted, empathetic, fearful, joyful, playful, protecting, delicate, and strict. Does your heroine have youngsters, or somebody she is defending? How does she reply to them and to those that wish to hurt them?
  5. Whereas bears see in color, and their listening to is best than ours, their world is outlined by scent. Their acute sense of odor permits them to learn the panorama as simply as we will a newspaper. Except your character is a superhero, are you able to create a approach through which she navigates the world that permits her to remain a number of steps forward of the indignant townsfolk?
  6. The power and energy of bears is undisputed, as is their brief distance pace. And sure, an indignant bear will not be one thing you’d wish to meet. Other than bodily, what sort of power does you heroine possess? What would she do when angered or upset? Keep in mind, this doesn’t should be Ripley in Alien (By no means underestimate an indignant girl with a cat). It may very well be the power of character proven by Jane Eyre when she flees Thornfield Corridor.
  7. Bears assess people in the identical approach they assess wild animals of any species. How does your heroine assess folks? Will she see variations within the sheriff to the townsfolk? How? What motion will that evaluation pressure her to take?

Final Phrase

You may depend on Hollywood tropes or, as any author value their salt, you might delve deep and analysis bears till you end up eager for recent salmon. Analysis and lateral considering give a e-book depth, richness, and a singular perspective. So, subsequent time you’re attempting to create characters, maybe assume laterally about what they might be in the event that they have been creatures.

Elaine Dodge

by Elaine Dodge. Elaine is the creator of The Harcourts of Canada collection and The Gadget HunterElaine skilled as a graphic designer, then labored in design, promoting, and broadcast tv. She now creates content material, principally in written type, for shoppers throughout the globe, however would a lot reasonably be drafting her books and brief tales.

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