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Homophones: Which witch? | Writing Ahead

homophones which witch

Homophones: which or witch?

A reader left the next remark inquiring concerning the spelling of two units of homophones:

“I’ve hassle with witch/which (and even so, I’m not positive I’ve these proper) and climate/wheather [sic]. any good concepts on easy methods to maintain them straight???”

I’ve already written a put up addressing the distinction between climate and whether or not.

As we speak, I’ll share some ideas that will help you bear in mind easy methods to toggle comfortably between the homophones which and witch.

First, We Spell Our Homophones

Spelling is suitable, since we’re discussing witches (Get it? Spelling, as in casting spells). Step one is to memorize the right spelling of each phrases:


Which witch?

Which witch? These two phrases sound precisely alike however they’re completely completely different. Briefly, considered one of these is a mythological or supernatural particular person who casts spells. The opposite just isn’t an individual in any respect; actually it’s merely a pronoun. How will you bear in mind the distinction?

  • Who, what, and the place are additionally pronouns that begin with the letters wh — similar to the phrase which as in which pronoun do you want greatest?
  • Attempt to bear in mind the phrase itch the witch. Discover that witch (an individual who can itch) is spelled the identical as itch with a w tacked on to the start.

Homophones are difficult for plenty of individuals, however you’ll find straightforward methods that will help you bear in mind the distinction between phrases that sound alike however are spelled otherwise.

Subsequent time somebody asks which witch you’ll know precisely what to inform them.

Are there any homophones that offer you grief? Acquired any methods for remembering the distinction between which and witch? Share your ideas by leaving a remark!

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