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Completely satisfied Birthday Mithra! Sol Invictus, too. Completely satisfied Solstice


by Anne R. Allen

Merry Yuletide! Each faith within the northern hemisphere celebrates the Winter Solstice in a roundabout way. Normally with lights to light up the darkest time of 12 months, just like the pageant of Hanukah.

Within the snowy north, the European ancestors of many people had been chilly and hungry, so that they invented holidays to get collectively and cheer one another up, drink grownup drinks, and share what meals they’d.

Which story they had been telling about it didn’t a lot matter. 

The Persian god Mithra, born December twenty fifth

The indigenous folks of the British Isles and Northern Europe celebrated the solstice as “Yuletide.” In Germanic nations, the nice white-bearded patriarch Odin went out searching and introduced again treats he left within the footwear of all of the young children who’d been good. I’m undecided historic Norsemen had chimneys, however Odin bought in by some means. Historical Teutonic tribes introduced evergreens into their homes to have fun the life that also existed within the snow-bound winter world.

Within the soggy British Isles, Celtic folks stayed heat by burning an enormous Yuletide log, feasted for 12 days, celebrated the Nice Triple Goddess in her Crone kind, and gave meals to the poor. Druids introduced the sacred mistletoe into their homes and believed it made folks kiss and make up. 

It makes me unhappy when ignorant folks name these fantastic festivals “satanic.” Indigenous European religions — which Christians referred to as “pagan” —  don’t have anything to do with Devil. They don’t also have a god of evil. There’s Loki, however he’s only a trickster, and the Frost Giants, who had been at all times threatening the human race with extinction, however they weren’t part of anyone’s every day life. And so they didn’t tempt younger Vikings to steal cookies or pinch their child brothers.

The indigenous European Winter Solstice celebrations are about life and lightweight and religion — religion that the Solar will come again within the spring.

chocolate Yule log rolled cake
As of late we like our Yuletide logs product of chocolate

Wine and Baths and Jesus

When the Italian conquerors got here alongside, bringing wine and baths and Jesus, they’d the sense to include the traditional indigenous festivals with the story of Christ. Odin morphed into Father Christmas, and later, any individual discovered a pleasant Turkish saint named St. Nicholas to merge with the story, and within the nineteenth century US, he grew to become the jolly, red-suited Santa Claus. (After which, within the late twentieth century, the thinker Frank Costanza invented Festivus for the remainder of us, celebrated on December twenty third, however that’s one other story…)

There’s not a lot proof that Jesus of Nazareth was born on December 25th. However the Persian god Mithra — very large with the Roman military — was imagined to have been born on that day, and so was Sol Invictus (The “Invincible Solar”) a solar god of the late Roman empire.

Sol Invictus-born December twenty fifth

So when the Italians arrived within the north, they discovered a wonderfully good date for a celebration. The corridor was already booked. Why not? Mithra, Sol, Jesus — all of them may have the identical birthday. The extra the merrier. And so they additionally had the custom of the weeks-long wild and loopy pageant of Saturnalia, which included December twenty fifth — hold partying, Quintillus!

Completely satisfied Winter Solstice, all people! Rejoice your ancestors, eat, drink, be merry, and provides to the poor. Could the season convey you like and lightweight.

If it permits you time to write down, that’s fantastic. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. “Write day-after-day” is a kind of guidelines that must be damaged once in a while. Roz Morris has some nice recommendation on how you can keep in contact together with your WIP throughout the holidays.

And Ruth and I want you all some heat and comfortable holidays, it doesn’t matter what custom you select to have fun. 


by Anne R. Allen (@annerallen) December 24, 2023

What about you, scriveners? Can you write throughout the holidays? Do you lose momentum in your WIP if you take break day for celebrations? What are your favourite “pagan” rituals right now of 12 months?



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